Going, Going, There! Travel Is Good For the Soul

With winter coming, our moods and minds can go to cold and gloomy places. But for retired people, often unencumbered by work schedules, schoolchildren and other responsibilities, escaping to different climes is easier than ever – and infinitely healthy. According to...

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The art of aging gracefully starts with paint, clay or paper

You’re never too old splash paint onto paper and make art. Think of Grandma Moses, who didn’t pick up a brush until her late seventies or Pablo Picasso, who was still creating masterpieces—including the monumental sculpture in Chicago’s Daley Plaza—into his late...

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Life’s a Beach Town Nowhere Near the Shore

Monarch Landing residents may be surprised and amused (as was Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico) to learn that Naperville is one of America’s top “beach towns.” Yep, you read that right. Fake news? Nope. In late June, WalletHub released a list of the top beach towns in...

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