We’re Walkin’ Here!

Walking is the number one form of exercise in the world, according to the Los Angeles Times, with 70 percent of the human population preferring this physical activity to others. It’s no wonder why, given the ease, accessibility and physical and psychological benefits...

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“Go with all your heart”-Confucius

Travel is more than just a pleasure that you’ve put off to pursue during your golden years. Science has proven that travel makes you healthier. A study by the U.S. Travel Association reported that people who travel have significantly lower risks of suffering heart...

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Taking a Bite (or Two) Out of Ethnic Cuisine

As the world becomes smaller and smaller due to the wonders of modern technology, the popularity of ethnic cuisine conversely, grows and grows. Proof of this is abundant if you take a look at the many food-related festivals in the Chicago-area this summer including...

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day, like Decoration Day, is the Day for Honoring our Fallen Heroes Long before Memorial Day became the unofficial kick off to summer, it was known as Decoration Day and it fell every year on May 30. The sober history of the holiday has given way to picnics,...

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For All They Do, Thank a Nurse

National Nurses Week begins May 6 and ends fittingly on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. The week has been celebrated annually for the past 15 years, with National Nurse Day on May 8, although efforts to nationally recognize nurses began as far back...

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