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Meet Our Experts


Kayla Arnobit

Assistant Director of Nursing

As the Assistant Director of Nursing, Kayla is primarily responsible for overseeing the needs of our rehabilitation and respite rehab guests and their families at The Springs. This includes transitions to and from The Springs, medical emergencies, changes in condition, oversight of staff, compliance monitoring and more.

Kayla has been a nurse in geriatrics since receiving her degree, and before that, as a certified nursing assistant while attending college.

Kayla said that she likes working with seniors “because I can get to know my guests and residents and develop a relationship with them. I like hearing stories from their life experiences. I love being able to see someone recover and regain their independence, confidence and their pride. And I like being able to give back to them, after all of the years of hard work they’ve put into their careers, families and their lives.”


Samantha Breden

Business Development Director

As the Business Development Director, Sam has the enviable role of sharing the wonderful story of The Springs, the services we provide, and the unique way in which we provide them to potential residents/guests, their families and health care providers.

Sam has a dual degree in music therapy and psychology, and is a Leading Age Leadership Fellow. She has worked in healthcare for older adults for more than 25 years, initially as a music therapist for seniors with memory loss. Sam then transitioned to the admissions/marketing role, which she said is particularly rewarding, “because I can explain the different healthcare options available and help people choose what will work best for them.”

Sam said that what she likes best about working with seniors is “hearing their stories—how they grew up and experienced things that I’ve only read about or learned in school. I have so much respect for our older adults. It is very rewarding for me to be able to represent an organization that enhances their quality of life.”


JoAnn Colby

Memory Support Program Manager

As the Memory Support Program Manager, JoAnn manages and directs the activities programming in assisted living and adult day program. With the nurse manager, she helps coordinate staff training and family interaction.

JoAnn has a degree in organizational communication/business administration, and a masters in health education administration/human resource development.

JoAnn came to The Springs with experience as the assistant director of an assistive living site and branch manager for North Central College. JoAnn said that after her father passed away, she realized that she needed to work with other older adults. “Seniors are the best! They teach me how to teach others. I feel so blessed to be working in their home,” she said.


Antonella Coniglio

Social Service Coordinator

As the Social Service Coordinator, Antonella holds a dual role: as discharge planner and social worker. “I work closely with our guests and their families from the time to come to The Springs to planning a safe discharge back home or alternative locations. I coordinate resources for which they may qualify, in order to improve their success at home,” she said. “I take pride in learning the individual needs of our rehab guests and communicating those needs to the appropriate party including our guests, family, home health, doctor, caregiver agencies, or residency in the community.”

Antonella said that what she likes most about working with seniors, is “hearing about their lives, adventures, hardships and circumstances. The wisdom they share is priceless.”


Maribel Falzone

Wound Care Coordinator

Maribel Falzone is an experienced licensed practical nurse with wound care certification. As our Nurse Manager, Maribel is responsible for the direction, supervision and evaluation of nursing activities. She also collaborates with other disciplines to guarantee continuity and quality of care. As our Wound Care Nurse Coordinator, Maribel is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the skin management program. Maribel said that she enjoys working with seniors because “each has a history to tell us. It’s fascinating to hear what each individual has to say, and it’s wonderful to see how happy they are when someone is listening.”


Dadriane Fice

Nurse Educator

Dadriane, who is a registered nurse with her bachelor of science in nursing, is the Nurse Educator for The Springs. In addition to being a certified dementia practitioner, Dadriane has extensive experience in many areas including Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological intensive care and more. Dadriane’s expertise, along with her passion for serving others, shines through as she mentors team members.


Corrin Huggins

Community Liaison

As the Community Liaison for The Springs, Corrin is charged with the responsibility of assisting individuals transition from the hospital to The Springs for sub-acute rehabilitation, respite or long-term care.

With a master’s degree in business administration in leadership, Corrin has more than ten years experience in long-term care communities. When asked what she likes best about working with seniors, Corrin responded, “Everything. I have gained so much knowledge, life lessons and experiences from seniors. They have helped me grow professionally and personally.”



Therapy Dog

German shepherd/chocolate lab/golden retriever mix, three-year old Journey is the much beloved Therapy Dog who works a traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5 work week at Monarch Landing and The Springs.

Journey is a “graduate” of Bradley University’s Wags for Mags, a branch of Paws Giving Independence. He was trained by Melissa Hegg when she was a student at Bradley, and adopted by her after she became human resources assistant at Monarch Landing.

Journey comes to work when Melissa does. He then spends much of his day with Kylie Edmonds, the Life Enrichment Assistant at The Springs, visiting residents and guests, and helping out with activities.

The benefits of time with dogs are immeasurable said Melissa. “Our objective is to improve the lives of our residents. Medical studies show that petting dogs lowers blood pressure, improves mental well-being and brings great pleasure to individuals.”

Alicia Kubillus

Alicia Kubillus

Admissions Coordinator

As Admissions Coordinator for The Springs, Alicia is one of the first friendly faces that prospective residents and their families see and remains an important resource for them. Alicia is responsible for planning and coordinating to make sure that new residents’ moves go smoothly. Alicia also helps with marketing events and activities, and admissions paperwork.

Alicia, who has a degree in health services administration, said that she is drawn to working with seniors because of her great memories from having grown up with her grandparents. “I really enjoy spending time, listening to stories and getting to know about them, their families and their pasts,” she said.


Gerald Moody

Environmental Services Supervisor

The Springs sparkles largely due to Gerald Moody and his team. With more than 30 years of experience in his field, Gerald, who retired from the Veterans Administration, is responsible for overseeing the cleaning and sanitation of The Springs. His favorite part of his job is “seeing the residents smile,” he said.


Maria Nardulli

Life Enrichment Manager

As Life Enrichment Manager, Maria is responsible for planning, structuring and offering activities for residents of The Springs. In doing so she said, her objective is to provide “pure daily enjoyment, increase self-esteem, self-awareness and socialization.”

With a degree in therapeutic recreation, Maria began her career working with children, adolescents and young adults in a behavioral health center. She said in shifting to working with seniors, she most loves their “wisdom and knowledge. The best part of my job is when a resident is able to recall an event in their lives and you can see the joy in their faces that they were able to remember. I love to bring happiness and joy to our residents.”


Molly Reinle

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant at The Springs, Molly, who is often found at the reception desk, greets visitors and guests as they first come through our doors. In addition to being a welcoming presence, Molly is also responsible for collaborating on projects with management, and helping with admissions. Molly has been with The Springs since it first opened and is often the first friendly face and voice people experience from The Springs.

Her favorite part of the job she said, is “hearing the backgrounds of our guests and residents. It interests me knowing what people did before they came to our community.”


Elliot Triplett


As the Administrator, Elliot is responsible for the overall operations of The Springs. Elliot has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in health services. He has worked extensively in long term care and brings a wealth of experience in direct care services, management and administration to The Springs.

Elliott said that what he likes best about working with seniors is “learning their life stories and making a difference in their lives through the services offered by our organization.”


Chad Ulery

Maintenance Mechanic

Closet shelves too high? Light bulb need changing? Need a picture hung on the wall? No problem—just call Chad. As the Maintenance Mechanic at The Springs, Chad is responsible for helping maintain The Springs, and keeping the building up-to-date with State and County regulations.

Chad came to The Springs after five years in the residential living area of Monarch Landing where his grandmother is a resident. “What I like best about working with seniors is putting a smile on their faces. When visiting with a guest and resident, I enjoy leaving them with a smile on their face,” Chad said.

Beth VanDerWal

Beth VanDerWal

Dining Manager

Beth is the Dining Manager/registered Dietitian for The Springs. She is credentialed as a licensed dietitian/nutritionist and has great experience in acute rehab and as a professor of nutrition, but said that her true passion is geriatric care, with which she’s been involved for almost nine years. “I love being able to promote health and well-being at any stage of life. I feel fortunate to be part of The Springs and to offer individualized care for our guests and residents,” she said.