Traditional assisted living and skilled nursing models don’t fit everyone’s needs. This was the consensus of management at The Springs at Monarch Landing. “We were increasingly finding that some peoples’ needs fell somewhere in the middle,” said Samantha Breden, director of business development for The Springs at Monarch Landing. With this in mind, The Springs has launched its enriched living program. The unique initiative bridges a gap between assisted living and skilled nursing. “This came about because people were asking for it, not only within the Monarch Landing campus, but also throughout the greater Naperville area,” said Breden. “This is really designed around what people have been asking for.”

The Springs at Monarch Landing has been offering memory support assisted living, rehabilitation, respite and skilled nursing.

Enriched living will provide services that traditional assisted living cannot. For instance Breden said, sliding scale insulin for individuals with diabetes is not always offered in assisted living settings. “So someone might be a great fit for assisted living, except for this one provision. We’re able to help,” she said.

Residents in enriched living will typically be individuals who will benefit from supervision, verbal cues, and perhaps some hands on assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) by one team member. This is as compared to individuals in skilled care, who need hands on assistance with many if not all activities of daily living, and often by two team members.

Enriched living provides three daily meals, and has a nurse and resident assistants available 24/7. “The support system is there for people who need it, when they need it,” said Breden.